Ben's Big Trip Around theWorld Photos
Film Number 10 - Dec 01, Jan02 London
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Kenny (I think) getting some x-mas dinner

Our X-mas dinner table that Col prepared

X-mas dinner

X-mas. ?, Jenny, Bilko, Lee, Jane, Me, Craig, Kenny, Colin

The x-mas dinner table carcass

?, Jenny, Jane, Lee, Craig, Kenny

Jane, Myself, Lee, Col and Craig

And again

Me with the present Col gave to me for x-mas


The function room boxing day


The World's End Kitchen


New Years Eve. Some people I met at a party in the Chelsea Estate building

More people from the party, New years day.

The old Tube power station out of the window of the flat in the ChelseaEstate

Thames and surrounding flats and houses

Another shot out the window

and again

looking up

and across

and across a bit more

Me and Bilko, new years day (hungover)

and again

Some people I met at the flat (can't remember their names, I'm prettybad with names)

The milk man (World's End Kitchen)

Zane (on couch), Glenn and Col

Jim working in a pub in Goddleming

Goddleming station

Sonja, Jane, Lee, Craig, Cara, Col and Mick (in foreground)

Craig and his wife

Bilko, Ellis and Ellis' friend




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