Ben's Big Trip Around theWorld Photos
Film Number 11 - Around Feb02
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Kings Rd just after an accident where a pedestrian was hit, you cansee the blood stains
on the road just the other side of the non-police car on the road.Yuk

The next morning

Jim, his last day in London

Kerry and Jim


Myself, Jim and Glenn, Jim had just fallen in a full bath while tryingto go to the toilet


Jim, Bruice, Magda, Glenn and Dylan



Magda and Dylan


Cara in Hyde Park

Craig in Hyde Park, what a grab

Hyde park, its fairly big

Me in Hyde Park

Craig and Cara, Hyde Park, Speakers Corner, woofing down some soft-serve

Some christian spreading the good word

Myself and Cara with the Old Bill

A Hyde Park squirrel



Sean and Kerry

Sophie, Glenn, Travis and Zane

Sophie and Glenn

The last supper. Craig, Cara, Jane, Brian, Col, Kerry, Lee and ? (sorrycan't remember, it may be Melonie or something like that?)

Lee, Myself and Craig

Craig, Lee, Cara and Boof Head

Cara, and Col

Ellis, Joe, Myself and George

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