Ben's Big Trip Around theWorld Photos
Film Number 13 - England, HollandMarch 2002
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Craig on the way to Southport (Colin's Hometown)

Craig and I in the Carvern bar where the Beatles kicked off in Liverpool(on the way to Southport)

Myself and Colin in the same bar

Craig in the same bar

Myself and John Lennon

Glenn and Craig in the B&B in Southport, Glenn managed to fall throughthe bunk later in the night

Glenn, Craig and Myself in the B&B



Craig in the B&B shower

My temporary room (for the last few days in 'The World's End', London),The plaster decided to pack it in

Again, Lee on the right.


And again, it was pretty nasty stuff to clean up.

Not again

Last one

The estuary near Harwich, where I caught the ferry to Holland.

Delft, in Holland

Deft with my bike, this is the spot where I dropped a 50 pound bikelock in the canal.

Me in Holland, Just a bit to the south of Delft

My bike and a holland windmill

A big canal that I crossed on a ferry, I think it was at Maassluis

The cars on the ferry

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