Ben's Big Trip Around theWorld Photos
Film Number 14 - Holland Belgium,Germany, March 2002

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Some wind powered generators and a big dyke near Veere, Holland

Again, note that the lights are still on, that is because it is dawnand I had to ride through the night because I could not find accomadationthe night before.

Veere, Holland, a nice little town

Looking back at veere from near my campground on the outskirts of town

A loch on a canal at Veere

Crossing from Middelburg to Breskens on a ferry in Holland

A superwide bike path along the coast between Breskens and Sluis, Holland,by the number of bikes parked I don't think I was there during peak season.

Another bike path just to the south of Sluis, Holland

Someone crossing a canal on a hand pully powered mini ferry, just nearthe Holland-Belgium border

Near the centre of Brugge, Belgium


An impressive old building in the centre of Brugge, can't remember whatit is though

The bell chiming mechanics of the old bell tower in the middle of Brugge

From the top of the bell tower

again, Brugge was a pretty nice town

the square in the centre of Brugge

Another photo from the tower

The bells of the tower

An impressive of castle type building between Brugge and Gent, Belgium

Some barges on the canals of Belgium, there are canals and barges everywhereover there

The old castle in the middle of Gent

A tram in Gent

An old cathedral in the middle of Gent, there seems to be an excessof them there


In one of the old cathedrals, can't remember which on, I think it hadone of the earliest oil painting in there or something like that?

I didn't know that we specialised in ice-cream, it appears they thinkwe do in Gent

A castle between Gent and Brussels

A statue of a little boy taking a wizz, seems to be a big thing in Brussels


The cathedral in Koln, Germany, stopped there for a couple of hourson my train route between Brussels and Frankfurt.

The Main river and Frankfurt, Germany

An impressive castle on the Main river just outside Aschaffenburg

The flooded bike path a long the Main river just out of Aschaffenburg

It is pretty easy for 10 year olds to buy smokes in Germany, there arevending machines everywhere along the streets

My campsite in Freudenberg, the camping ground that I was going to stayin was shut so I stayed in this wind-surfing club shed.

Looking at a small lake just off the Main river from the wind-surfingshed. It was very cold that night, there was frost on the ground in themorning.

Some ice from the frost on a pine cone.

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