Ben's Big Trip Around theWorld Photos
Film Number 15 - Germany, March& April 2002
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Some nice brick-work, I think I must have taken this one by mistake

The nice little German town of Wertheim

A bit of German forest just a bit before Wurzburg

A castle that sat behind the hostel I stayed in, Wurzburg

The same castle on top of the hill with the hostel in the impressivebuilding in front

The Main River, Wurzburg

An old bridge across the Main River in Wurzburg

Looking off the bridge back towards the hostel and castle

A bike path sign telling me how far it was to the next few towns, justout of Wurzburg

An old castle in a small little town Ochsenfut (I think)

A big Autobarn crossing the Main River at Marktbreit, there was a bigaccident on the bridge when I took this photo

The bike path was getting a little sketchy just before Volkach

The sunset on the Main River, Volkach, Germany

It was getting pretty close to easter, there were decorations everywhere,this is the centre of Volkack

A bit of German forest inbetween Volkack and Bamberg, taken from a bird-watchingtower

A small little town in the forest between Volkack and Bamberg

A very steep down-hill, I thought it would be the goods but my brakesstarted to melt on the way down

Some farmer, just out of Bamberg, has too much time on his hands, bargon the Main in the background

Bamberg, Germany, probably on of the nicest cities I have seen

A building on an island in the middle of the river in Baberg

The hostel I stayed in, just a couple of k's out of Bamberg

The Regnitz canal that I rode along for 50km before I realized thatI was going the wrong way and had to turn back to Bamberg

A barge, called the Johanna-something along the Regnitz canal

An easter egg tree, I think in Lichtenfels

Lichtenfels centre

My camp at the Lichtenfels caravan park

A sing giving two opposite directions to the place I wanted to go to

A McDoanald in Germany, they have recycling breakdown bins and ashtrays,this one is in Kulmbach

A bit of German countryside between Kulmbach and Weisenstadt

A small German town somewhere between Kulmbach and Weissenstadt, thereare small town aobut every 6 or 7 km's

Again, with some wind-powered generators in the back-ground

Same town (I think), I think it might be Gefrees

The lunch a nice old Geman couple packed for me in Lichtenfels, I thinkthey felt sorry for me becaus  I was alone over easter

A small lake beside the caravan park in Weissenstadt


The Weissenstadt lights reflecting off its main lake


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