Ben's Big Trip Around theWorld Photos
Film Number 16 - Germany andThe Czech Republic, April 2002

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The same lake, as the last photo on the last film, the next morning,Weissenstadt, Germany

Some wind powered Generators somewhere between Weissenstadt and Hohenberga.d. Eger

A bit of German Forest

One of the Wind powered generators with the sun behind it

Looking out of the window of the hostel I stayed in at Hohenberg a.d.Eger, it was an old castle

The hostel from the tower seen in the last photo

The Czech border in the distance from my hostel in Hohenberg a.d. Eger

Looking back at the line of trucks just after crossing the German-Czechborder, the border is way back in the distance in the top left of the photo.The line of trucks was about 5km long, one truck driver I talked to saidhe expected to wait 7 hours.

Looking back at a bridge (probably an aquaduct) in Cheb, a town justinside the Czech border

A bit of Czech pine forest

My hotel room in Marianskê Lâznê, a Czech spa city

I think this must be Marianskê Lâznê's famous colonnadedspa

A bit of Czech countryside

A bit more

I think I took this photo to show how some of their fields had hugeboulders in them, but you can't really see them

Some sort of agricultural set-up that were scattered around the place,I never did work out what they were for.

Looking back down a huge hill that I rode up

Supposed to be a beautiful sunset shot

The lake at Jesenice from the hotel I stayed in

My bike on its last day of its grand tour, pity about the snow (shownin this shot) on the last day, I had had fairly good weather up until then

Same as above, different angle

A nice old castle in a town that I can't remember it's name, one thingI can remember though is that I only ended up there because I missed aturn to Prague. This was unfortunate as it added at least 20km to my rideand this town was down it a deep valley. There was pretty good soup atthe pub though.

A bit of Czech forest

Praha (or Prague), the famous bride that crosses the river there, thisarea was flooded a couple of months later

Same bridge, I think it is called St. Georges bride, or something likethat.

Some buskers on the bridge

Someone selling painting on the bridge and some silly lady who walkedstrait in front of me taking a photo

Looking over Praha from just near Praha Castle


Again with me in it

Praha Castle, looks more like a Palace to me

Some Guards at Praha Castle

Inside St. Vitus Cathedral, Praha

St. Vitus Cathedral


And again

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