Ben's Big Trip Around the World Photos
Film Number 19 - Turkey, April 2002
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Myself eating a kebab in Istanbul

Jenny, Istanbul

Lee, Jenny and Jane on a roof-top cafe, Istanbul

Jane, Myself and Jenny in front of the Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Inside the Blue Mosque

Lee, Jenny, Jane and Myself in the Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque


A spire type thing coming out of a mosque type building, Istanbul

 Aya Sophia, Istanbul

Blue Mosque

Aya Sophia


The Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Another Mosque in Istanbul, Can't remember the name.

On the Bosphorus

Palace on the Bosphorus

Jellyfish of the Bosphorus

One of the few bridges that join continents. Europe on the left, Asia on the right

Thats me

Yum, Turkish coffee. Tasts a bit like a cross between an expresso and a puddle of mud.

I think this is the Romanian fortress on the Bosphorus in Istanbul

Can't remember the story about this little island, something to do with a serpant and death

Myself, Lee, Jenny and Jane at ANZAC cove

Jade and a Sharky?

Myself, Lee and Dylan. ANZAC cove.

ANZAC cove

Dawn service

Dawn Service

Dawn Service

Dawn Service

Nice focussed shot

More photographic brilliance

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