Ben's Big Trip Around the World Photos
Film Number 21 - Ephesus and Istanbul
April 2002

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The banquet that the hostel put on for us in Selcuk


The theatre in the ancient roman ruins of Ephesus


the path that lead to the docks


Ephesus theatre, could seat 25,000 people.


More Ephesus ruins

Apparently this is a sign to direct travellers to the brothel

More ruins

The celsus library, restored from the ground up like a big 3D jigsaw puzzle (ages 3 and up)



More ruins at Ephesus

Recent restorations


A restored tile path

Can't remember hardly any of these people's names. At a cafe near Ephesus ruins.

The poor waiter who took all the pics for us

Apple tea, Yum

Shoe shine, shoe shine! These guys were everywhere in turkey

Part of an old wall in Selcuk

This is crossing the dardanells on an overnight bus on the way back to Istanbul.
It was early in the morning, foggy and the water was increadibly calm.

Again, very peaceful

Back in Istanbul. Inside the Aya Sophia



Ash taking a photo in the Aya Sophia. Ash and I went and saw the sights in Istanbul.
The girls had left us to continue further south from Selcuk.

Still inside the Aya Sophia

and again

Apparently it was good luck if you felt water. Lucky me, I got a wet thumb


a big urn

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