Ben's Big Trip Around the World Photos
Film Number 22 - Istanbul to China
April and May 2002

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A gazebo type thing outside the Aya Sophia

Gold foil picture at the exit of the Aya Sophia


The Topkapi Palace Museum yards

Building in the Tookapi Palace

More Topkapi Palace

The Bosphorus from the Topkapi Palace

Me with Istanbul in the background

Can't remember the importance of this, impressive roof art

More of the Topkapi Palace

The entrance to the Topkapi Palace

Mmmmm, Kebab shop. Kebabs cost around AU$1 in Istanbul and they are good.
I had a photo of some cooking kebab meat about a metre wide but I exposed the film.

A market on the street where my hostel was

Misty and Erin in the hostel district of Sultanahmet, Istanbul

I think this is Dubai

Somwhere between Dubai and Singapore

Aliens like to visit this area

Green grass in the middle of a desert

Fireworks, Singapore

Hot, humid, Singapore

A shrine to remember those who died in the Japanese invasion WW2

Train in Singapore

Part of the huge orchid collection in the Singapore botanic gardens

Singapore shipping

Somewhere in China

Myself and Hanna

The Hall of Annual Prayer, the largest building in the Temple of Heaven

Inside the Hall of Annual Prayer

More of the Temple of Heaven

Hanna and Kim at the Temple of Heaven

Myself, with a Red Army Hat, and Hanna at the Temple of Heaven.
Nutty lady to the left

More of the Temple of Heaven

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