Ben's Big Trip Around theWorld Photos
Film Number 6, Around November2001
London and Sweden
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Casper, Emma and Kevin. Lock-in at the World's End



Me, stuffed if I know what initiated this sort of behavior



London Eye

Westminister again

Looking down from a pod in the London Eye

Victoria Station (I think), from London Eye

No. 10 Downing St. is in there somewhere, I think Hyde park, Green Parketc. are in B'ground

Looking down Thames

London Eye Pod

More of London

Me on London Eye

Westminister from London Eye

More of West London

More of West London

London, looking North

People in London Eye pod

More of London

Some people that I don't really know in a lock-in after hours at TheWorlds End

Some more people I don't really know, well Paddy and Colin are the twoon the right

Supposed to be snow out the window of the Worlds End, but you can'tsee it

Colin and someone who I can't remember their name

Me and Craig in Stockholm, Sweden


Craig eating a 1/2 pounder

Me eating a 1/2 pounder


Me trying to ice-skate

The old prison we stayed in in Stockholm

Tunnel-Barna in Stockholm



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