Ben's Big Trip Around theWorld Photos
Film Number 9 - Nottingham December2001

This film was taken with a disposablecamera and therefore the quality is pretty bad

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B&B in Nottingham

In the B&B bar

English smoke

English smoking

Craig and Col

Col, Craig and Col's best mate between them

Myself and Colin, maybe I should not have had so much sambucca backat the B&B

Don't know this guy

Good shot Ben

Craig, some Nottingham girl and Col doing what he does best. And rememberColin might not know muck
but he sure does know that machine.

Craig looking at Colin


Col and Craig in a dodgy night-club

Col and myself


Craig doing the moves

Craig and Col on a table with a bunch of local ferals

One of the local ferals

Papa Bear and Baby Bear

Myself in The Walkabout bar in Nottingham

Walkabout bar

Craig, I'm a bit sick of seeing him

Him too

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