Ben's Big Trip Around the World Photos
Film taken with Colin's Camera 2
Southport, February 2002

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Half shot of Gibbo

Full shot of Gibbo

Myself, Southport beach

Spartina anglica, the weed I studies in my Honours year at uni
Southport is its birthplace

More Spartina

Craig, Glenn and Myself in a Southport pub, best Guinness I had, YUM

Gibbo and Glenn

Gibbo and myself

Glenn, Colin and myself


Gibbo again

and again, showing us his moves

Myself and the Old Bill, must have been some sort of misunderstanding

At a bar in Southport,


Myself, a couple of people I can't remember and Bob (Col's mate)

Don't know who these people are

Myself with some Southport Gals, who knows who they are

I didn't take this photo, if you don't believe me then that is me to the left

Col and a fag


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