Ben's Big Trip Around the World Photos
Film taken with Colin's Camera 3
Czech Republic to China, April & May 2002

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Myself in a bar in Prague

Myself, Craig and Jane

Myself, Jane, Craig, Lee and other people

In a crappy bar in Prague

The town Craig and I stayed at in the High Tatra's (Slovakia)


Where is an ambulance when you need one

Snow in the High Tatra's

Still need that ambulance

When in Slovakia, we drive a Skoda

Ticket machine in Vienna

Gibbo on a train in Vienna

Myself on a train in Vienna

Time for a nap

In Istanbul now (Turkey)

Having a toke on some sweet tobacco in Istanbul

Booze cruize on the Bosphorus

When in Turkey we drink Efes

A street market in Istanbul

In China now, Hanna and Kim


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